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Her name was Aya, and she was a nomad, born and raised in the Badlands. Her clan was small but tight-knit, and they had been living in the Badlands for generations. They were self-sufficient and fiercely independent, but they had one big problem – they were running out of resources.

They had heard stories about Night City, a place where they could find work and build a better life for themselves. But Night City was on the other side of the border, in the NUSA (New United States of America). They couldn't just walk in – they had to cross the border illegally.

It was a risky move, but they had no other choice. They packed their meager belongings and set out on the long journey to the border. They had to avoid the patrols and checkpoints, but Aya was a skilled navigator, and she knew the best routes.

They made it to the border under cover of darkness, and they waited for the perfect moment to cross. Aya scouted the area and signaled when it was safe to proceed.

They crossed the border quietly, but they were immediately met with resistance. A patrol had spotted them, and they were being pursued. Aya urged her clan to run faster, and they ran as if their lives depended on it – because they did.

They made it to a safe location, but they were shaken. They had risked everything to enter the NUSA illegally. They were wanted now, and they had to stay hidden.

They made their way to Night City, staying off the main roads and avoiding detection. When they finally arrived, they were exhausted and afraid, but they had made it.

They set out to find the fixers, people who could help them find work and build a new life for themselves. They had to be careful and discreet, but Aya was a skilled negotiator, and she found the right people.

Over the next few weeks, Aya and her clan worked hard, doing odd jobs for the fixers. They cleaned warehouses, drove trucks, and provided security for a local business. It wasn't glamorous work, but it paid well, and they were able to save up enough money to live.

I have recreated my own interpretation of Night City and Cyberpunk (by CD Projekt Red) and am making it available for non-commercial use as a fan project. CD Projekt®, Cyberpunk®, Cyberpunk 2077®, Night City®, are registered trademarks of CD Projekt S.A. © 2020 CD Projekt S.A. All rights reserved. All other copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Mastodon