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Case Number: ████-██████████-#██

Date: March 26, 2077

Reporting Officer: Detective ███████ ███████████

Incident: Cyberpsychosis and Random Attacks

On the aforementioned date, at approximately 8:45 PM, the NCPD received a distress call from the Watson building complex reporting an individual randomly attacking people. Upon arrival at the scene, it was observed that the individual was suffering from cyberpsychosis.

The individual, identified as ████ █████████, was attacking innocent civilians with no apparent motive. The NCPD intervened and attempted to subdue ████ █████████, but she proved to be highly resistant and continued her assault. The situation quickly escalated, and the NCPD had to use extreme force to protect themselves and the civilians.

Unfortunately, ████ █████████ could not be subdued, and she continued to attack people. By sheer luck, the NCPD was finally able to neutralize the threat.

Several civilians were injured in the attack, and some required immediate medical attention. The NCPD secured the area and provided medical assistance to the injured civilians. The area was cordoned off to allow for further investigation.

The NCPD will continue its investigation into this incident, and further details will be provided as they become available.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective ███████ ███████████ Badge No. ███████████ NCPD

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